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Hythe Joinery have created a stunning range of Staircases.

What ever your need is we have a solution for you and vast experience in designing and making stairs and staircases. From Grand Staircases, Spiral Staircases,Curved Stairs and Staircases, Straight String and even combination stairs combining glass and hardwood finishes.

Take a few moments to look around the website to see just some of our range of staircases..

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Cut and Bracketed Staircase, Regents Park London. Staircase with Glass / Glazed Balustrade (Below)



Curved Oak Staircase (Below)

Curved Oak Staircase (Below)





Curved Glass

Battersea London



American Oak Curved Staircase with Cut and Mitred Strings(Below)



Staircase Campden Grove, Cut and String Glazed Balustrade, High Gloss Polished Wall with Intergrated Cupboards (Below)



Curved Glass Staircase Free Standing with Coloured Glass Treads (Below)



Maple and Glass Staircase with Frosted Glass Treads and LED Lighting (Below)



Attic Stairs (Below)



American White Oak Staircase with Glazed Treads (Below)



Grand Staircase Design Cut and Mitred (Below)



Oak and Glass Staircase with Lighting (Below)



Oak Staircase Surrey (Below)



Continuous String Staircase Under Construction

Staircases Explained

Glossary of staircase terminology Balusters - The vertical posts under a banister to the treads of the staircase or to the floor on a landing. Banister - The handrails down the side of a stairway. Curtail step - The bottom step of a staircase where it projects sideways and curves around like a 'cur's tail'. Fascia - The vertical board under the edge of an exposed landing. Finial - A turned or carved ornament usually in the shape of an urn, ball, bun, spike or figure, often used to decorate the ends of staircase newel posts. Half Landing - The flat area of flooring where a stairway makes a turn between floors. Inner (closed) string - The side of a stairway locating the treads and risers which is set against a wall. Landing - The flat area of flooring at the top and bottom of a stairway leading to rooms. Newel post - The vertical post at the turn or end of a banister. Outer (open) string - The side of a stairway locating the treads and risers which is open to view. Return nosing - The moulding applied to the ends of the treads where there are exposed in a hallway. Riser - The vertical part of a step. Riser wedge - The, normally wooden, wedges used vertically underneath a staircase to secure the risers to the stingers. Tread - The horizontal part of a step. Tread wedge - The, normally wooden, wedges used horizontal underneath a staircase to secure the treads to the stingers. Tread/riser blocks - The, normally wooden, blocks used to secure the top of the risers to the front of the treads along the front edge of steps. .